So I begin with a 'wow', I have no idea where the past 7 months has gone and embarrassingly, it has been an entire 7 months of simply not having a spare slot in the work schedule to put down our collective team thoughts, but here we go... .

If you've been following us on Instagram you can see it has been an incredibly busy and focused time, not least with an abundance of travel to multiple sites around the UK and trying to balance that with limited travel at the same time has meant we've had more travel than ever, go figure that logic! We've had some great successes bringing projects to a close in Essex and Aberdeen. We've made great progress in our collaborative projects with our trusted Architect team over at Flower Michelin submitting two planning applications, both for rear extensions in Camden and Surrey. We are in talks with our Derbyshire Dale 'Vicarage' clients for the start up of phase 2 which is exciting, or should I say Rebecca is excited as not only does it include a wine room it also includes a cheese room, so what's not to like! On top of that we have been flat out on two central London projects, one cottage in St John's Wood and a Marylebone Pied et Terre which we are designing and project overseeing. We are near completion on another stunning Chichester Georgian Townhouse which has been tremendous fun as the client has really trusted us to drive this project.

In other exciting news one of our established clients who we have had the pleasure of working for on 3 occasions has enlisted us to design a state of the art home cinema room, steam and sauna suite and a Great Tea Room, which is a first so we are getting our creative teeth into designing something very special for them. And we are incredibly lucky to have been contacted by our former Sandbanks clients to help on a further home on the East Coast on the interior design of their utterly stunning barn. As a team we remain so humbled with amazing past and present clients and we're incredibly lucky to have lots of new clients approaching us too. So whilst we are extremely busy as a studio, we remain just as committed to the detail and customer led close relationships we are lucky to share with our clients and our overriding commitment to keep the team small so we continue to strengthen those relationships for the future without compromising on quality.

We have been awarded Best of Houzz Service and Design 2021 for the 8th consecutive year running which we are always thrilled about. We have 3 exciting photo shoots over the course of the summer which is such a relief having not been able to hold the shoots during lock down months so we much look forward to sharing our new work where we can, we hope you like it!

So what's in store, we are very much hoping to continue to support our UK suppliers and navigate ourselves through overseas purchases due to Brexit which has become a bit of a minefield, but we plough on! The team is in high spirits and we are much looking forward to having our travel juices energised by being able to visit our favourite destinations and to sit and enjoy the sound of bird song with mountain views as the sun rises, we can but hope for that elusive sun shine to tease the freckles out!

So from our team to wherever you are, profuse apologies we haven't shared our news for so long, we promise to try harder! For now, keep smiling and stay safe!

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS!


As a studio our mindset has always been one of positivity regardless of any hurdles, and in truth we’ve struggled a little bit in this last month. Work continues to be incredibly positive with 11 live projects and weekly enquiries. Our struggle coming from trying to deliver the standard and efficiency that we pride ourselves on for our valued customers at the same time as trying to support our small businesses and suppliers.

We learnt during the initial lockdown that product and material shortages had an immediate impact on our industry and construction but it has taken an even longer time to really get to a stage of catch up. We suspected a second lockdown was pending so have been preparing for that, but have been caught off guard by the limited availability of materials used in our industry that are also key components of PPE, e.g. the foam commonly used for sofa upholstery, so we are being hit with issues of possible non deliveries pre-Christmas as we have no foam to upholster with, never an option any caring or professional interior designer wishes to have to say to their clients! Thankfully our clients do appreciate there is a larger issue at stake which none of us have control over and all we can do is continue to keep doing our best, keep clients informed and work through and jump hurdles as and when we can do so. 

It was a lovely reminder when our founder Rebecca shared a card she had written and been sent recently from 2007 which read “There are no shortcuts to anything worth designing”, this much still holds true so patience is needed. 

Flights cancelled to get to sites, 8 hour drive it is then. We will keep going where we physically can and if we can safely operate within the rules set, we will.

October truly has been a heads down no time to breath kind of month, pretty normal with our pre-Christmas build up each year.  We’re one team member down but we are working 7 days a week and 5th gear and are keeping our head above water, and clients are happy which makes us happy. We’re taking regular COVID tests to protect our precious self employed trades and generally trying to act responsibly to protect all we come into contact with. We are adapting working methods to work with clients in whichever best way suits their needs. So we continue.

Sourcing has been predominantly online but where we have managed to get to showrooms and touch and feel products, we have truly valued every second and we will never take for granted the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre again, our Mecca!

We’re trying to keep smiling every day by order of our business mentor, he knows who he is! And we may break a few rules to find those bigger smiles like putting up the Christmas Tree in November.

So please, a sincere keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Think about others around you and keep a watchful eye as we enter lock down 2 for those that perhaps need that gentle nod, smile or a telephone call/message to say ‘hey I’m thinking about you!’ Shop local and be part of your community as best you can. 

Love to you all... .

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


We simply have not stopped to be able to attempt to write a journal...but finally, here we go! August was very full on doing multiple site visits and having an array of furniture finally materialise from some fabulous artisan suppliers of ours, stunning walnut pieces from Fiona McDonald, all hand crafted with antique brass and fluting detailing, mass deliveries from Munna in Porto and bespoke items from our London friends. A plethora of velvet is adorning our projects at present in stunning block colours, perfect for these autumnal evenings that have descended upon us, so a welcome comfort of lots of sumptuous and indulgent textures.

We have been full on with progress at our Gentlemans Club with the kitchen, bar and gorgeous brass stair tread detailing being completed, we're looking to dress the space all being well by the end of October. Restoration at our listed cottage is coming along very well with the beams now completed adding to the gorgeous heritage of this cottage and real craftsmanship with lead window detailing, always a treat to see real craftsman working with their hands and loving what they do. We're in the final throws accessorising on our Essex project too, always a fun time.

We've had the joy of working with some fantastic art galleries in Mayfair, LA and Mykonos to find some key and statement art pieces for one of our international clients, always a joy to help guide our clients in selecting art to both enjoy and invest in.

We have been truly blessed and continue to feel humbled that as a studio we are continuing to receive lots of new enquiries and more importantly secure new projects, we have a beautiful Old Vicarage in Derbyshire, another stunning Georgian house in Chichester with an utter treat of a domed roof reception room which we simply can't wait to design, phase 2 for our fabulous and fun Claygate clients on a substantial extension and we're excited to partner with our friends at Flower Michelin (Architects), a cottage in Maida Vale, our 3rd time working for this beautiful client as she moves once more, phase 3 for our Golders Green project and we find ourselves back working up in Aberdeen in addition to our existing projects so we really have been busy bees. So much so we have added to our team, the fabulous Louise will be joining us and we're excited to have her join the LEIVARS family.

We've had our studio assistant Harry continuing to cast his eye over every detail, with his poker face we can never tell if he approves or not?!

On a sad note September saw the passing of two icons, Christian Liagre and Sir Terence Conran, Rebecca was lucky enough to have met Sir Terence on the day she embarked on setting up her own design studio and he really was a power house in bringing not least affordable but incredible design to the high street, a very sad loss to the industry and design world.

So as we move into the stunning autumnal colours which are always an inspiration with the ever changing scenery and the nights draw in, fires are lit and we convert to red wine, wherever you are in the world, please continue to keep safe and keep smiling! We know it's a difficult time for so many and we are humbled to be in this position of being busy, we will continue to do what we do and help the economy and support as many local and small businesses as we can. If you are a small supplier, reach out to us, let us know what you do and email your product(s) to and if we can use them we will!

... .
Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


Well the year continues its extra ordinary theme, we think it's August but it could easily be any month, 2020 you really are keeping us on our toes. If you're reading this we hope you are remaining safe and are little by little getting back to the new version of normal life as we know it.

Thankfully the studio remains busy as ever of which we are very grateful for. We have been busy pricing new work in Camden, Ashby, Claygate, Chichester and Ashbourne so very varied, we will keep you updated on our progress with those. We have been incredibly busy with site visits on our current projects in Chichester and Essex, a big push to get deliveries there on time and clients moved in stress free. We then have the next phases of two of our projects now we're nearing completion of the renovation and restoration work we can now begin to reconnect with the design schemes for these which we're excited about. It's been a real treat uncovering some utterly stunning beams in a Grade II listed cottage we're working on and they will very much feature as the star in the design schemes. We were all very excited to see the gorgeous black oak floor being laid on our gentlemans club project and gorgeous brass inlay detailing for the stair treads and keeping with the black theme, we were a little bit smitten with the black chevron flooring laid on one of our recent Derbyshire projects.

We're still taking lots of enquiries for new projects so we will be expanding the team very soon to keep up with demand so we can bring more beautiful designs to our amazing clients.

We are also continuing to give clients advice on how best to adapt their homes for long term home working, consideration being given to larger walk in pantry/larders to accommodate less supermarket trips, naturally making that work zone feel less clinical and more relaxed to help with productivity and mental wellbeing. Now with less of us going out and where we used to focus on the indoor out, we are now focusing more on the outdoor in with more entertaining at home, garden home cinemas, outdoor kitchen and fire pits, we are all changing our thought processes and habits and we're encouraging clients to consider these areas for home improvement.

Rebecca has been rushed off her feet throughout lockdown and playing catch up as have the team, we can't see it changing anytime soon, which we're grateful for so it looks like the remaining year will continue in 5th gear. We hope you continue to keep safe and positive and as Rebecca is often told, "keep smiling you... .", that's all we can do!

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


I had sat and thought about writing this journal as I do each month, for some reason it didn't feel right, yes there were many designers and studios putting out inspirational images, ourselves included but for some reason it felt more appropriate to sit quietly and work. We were all mindful that so many people were struggling both mentally and financially so we just sat and did what we feel we do best, design and communicate with our clients. We have been very fortunate to have been able to work throughout the lockdown period and focus on drawing and designing schemes for 3 clients in particular and in part we have been very grateful for not having to commute. What this exercise has taught us isn't that you can successfully work from home, we've been doing that for nearly 4 years now, but how much we really do miss our clients, the daily interaction with our suppliers and our on site trades, such huge parts of our day and very much our work family.

So a quick overview on our 100 days of lockdown. We have lost count of zoom calls, made a ridiculous amount of normal calls, have been grateful for Facetime virtual meetings and site updates from remote working trades and our clients which has enabled us to progress with ease throughout. Progress has been a little slow on sites due to the lack of available materials being produced but all sites are now near up to where they should be. We've all become experts in protective wear and use hand sanitiser like it's going out of fashion, we've all developed a measuring eye of 2 meters!

We have been inundated with new enquiries we can't keep up so we are feeling very blessed. We've managed by some miracle to fully renovate and in part restore a Victorian 3 storey little gem in 8 weeks and the client has moved in. We've had fabulous feedback on images shared from previous projects and we have been featured by Derbyshire Life Magazine, a thrill to be in my home county.

Amongst the COVID pandemic the world over was hit with the Black Lives Matter movement and our industry shaken by the lack of diversity and representation amongst our working studios and supply chains. With a great initiative by Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House 'Design for Diversity' has been born, a public pledge to show that we / others are actively looking to recruit and attract the right person for the job from a wide spectrum of ethnicities and social backgrounds - coming from a HR background my work ethos has always been to 'include' no matter what your education or racial identity. This public pledge is to allow potential future candidates the comfort in knowing they will be treated equally, please click on the icon on our homepage for full details of the design community pledge.

On a final note, we've had lock down studio birthdays and a rather exciting new edition to the LEIVARS family, our Senior Designer Lauren gave birth to the most gorgeous baby boy, Coby, who could not be more perfect so a huge congratulations to Lauren and Dean. So I'm leaving you with a lot of hope that our lives little by little will return to some form of familiarity albeit not normal. Stay safe everyone, be nice, love and hold those dear to you, love your nests and smile to the stranger in the street, be the difference... .

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


Well I think it's safe to say that sat here writing this our world has changed beyond comprehension and we hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues are all safe and well!

We're lucky within the design industry that we can work from home and remote sites very easily, in fact it is what most of us do day to day, we are however, very painfully aware that many cannot and COVID 19 has brought about change, fear and the unknown to so many and my team and I are constantly thinking about all those affected at this unprecedented time we find ourselves in. Many of our project sites are now closed, though we are grateful to be business as usual designing and completing drawings, holding ZOOM meetings with clients, a time when technology has really come into its own. We will continue to keep open as usual as long as we have supply chains that can continue to operate safely.

Clients are asking for advice on how to handle working from home, the very best advice we can offer is to have structure and purpose to each day, wake with vigour and as much energy and enthusiasm for the day as you can find, make small achievable goals no matter how silly they may feel, the mental sense of achievement of ticking things off will serve you well. Eat well and healthy, nothing too stodgy or carb fuelled which will make you feel more lethargic with the reduced freedom of movement we have placed upon us. Try and exercise, run up and down your stairs, squats, lunges, garden, balcony, anything to get the lungs working and you out of breath, keep focused and allow yourself to switch off, recharging and resetting is healthy for the mind and finally get as much fresh air and enjoy sitting still, the nature around you and the changing seasons, it's inspiring!

Up until lock down we had normal site visits and completion on an investment project in Chichester. A different project for us and given the issues we had with supply and various closures, we used a superb new find for those of you that don't know them, John Pye Auctions, they deal with ex-display, old and newly liquidated stock and returned items from some really great household names, with immediate purchase being an auction allowed us to dress the house for market with a 3 day turnaround, we will be keeping an eye on their weekly stock going forward, highly recommended from our inhouse development team and something everyone can do from home and best of all they have sites throughout the UK, happy browsing and bidding!

We had our long awaited Bioplillia fabric arrive from Kit Miles Studio to re-upholster two chairs for our Claygate project, we can't wait to shoot these, the fabric is so vibrant and fun. We've been posting some photos from our stock images too which we hope are giving some inspiration whilst you find yourselves working from home right now. With Spring in the air we are hoping to keep the team, suppliers and clients energised by designing with lots of colour, patterns and textures. Being home for all of us makes us realise what a retreat home should be and now is perhaps a good opportunity to make changes, rearrange room layouts perhaps, plan that eagerly awaited extension, bespoke joinery, en-suite bathroom or renovation??! We're always happy to assist where we can so whilst you have time do get in touch if you wish to discuss any project needs, there is so much we are able to do remotely, we're happy to chat through informally so do drop us a line or call the studio, we look forward to saying hi! If you need more inspiration, head to and Houzz have confirmed a huge increase in home owners engaging with their site, we were informed this morning that images from our own portfolio have been saved to users Houzz ideabooks 78,000 times in 30 days alone this month, mind blowing!

So, we leave you for now with my team expressing their heartfelt thanks to the tremendous efforts and dedication of all of those that are working for the NHS and care services, to all of the key workers that are trying so hard to keep our economy going, thank you! We hope we've given you some food for thought and are feeling that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, we are all in this together, stay safe, look out for one another, love and hope really is making the world go around right now.

Keep an eye out for various Blogs that Rebecca has been invited to write for various suppliers too, ideas and a little insight into RL herself and what inspires her!

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


Well we’re not sure where to start with February, as quickly as it came around the month was at an end!

It’s been a great month in terms of receiving the fabulous news that we were awarded for the 7th consecutive year running Best of Design and Best of Service from Houzz UK, a testament we hope to our commitment to providing both great design and a level of customer service which leaves us with repeat clients and valued referrals, something we never take for granted. It was also a delight to see our Esher project showcased in the wonderful 25 Beautiful Homes magazine this month.

We’ve had a productive month of signing off two projects, our Goodwood Grade II listed Farmhouse and our Claygate project. We’re nearing completion on our St Johns Wood cloakroom which is the 5th time we’ve worked for this client, they’re almost family! We’re waiting on building regulations for our listed cottage which we’ve been informed we have been designated an Archeologist to work along side us which is a first and we’re much looking forward to learning from them and asking lots of questions! Our design for the warehouse is developing well and we may even share a sneak peak once approved.

Rebecca has been away for two weeks and has come back recharged, refreshed and freckled and she’s jumped straight into pricing new work in Cobham and Chesterfield so we will update you as to how we get on with those potential new projects. There is definitely more confidence in the market which is a relief for many including some of our smaller suppliers, long may this continue.

Rebecca has also met some great suppliers within the Midlands which we’re excited to try out and we’re prepping for trade shows and various events in Birmingham next week. We have studio news to hopefully announce next month too, so watch this space to see what Rebecca has been planning for some time - we hope you’re as excited as we are and that given the news of late we hope you are also all looking after yourselves health wise and remembering to give a gentle nod to those that may need a little kindness, we’re all in this together so let’s all be kind and check on that friend, family member, neighbour or even the stranger you see daily! Kindness and awareness makes the world go around, as does great doses of love, sprinkled with heavy doses of hashtags!

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


Well a great start to the New Year for the team. We've had plenty to get our teeth into with site visits between Essex, Goodwood, Nottingham, St John's Wood and Chichester! We've carried out a few site measured surveys so have been engrossed in floor plans and layout options ranging from Grade II listed cottages to warehouse conversions, not one day is ever the same. We've been prepping for some interesting business networking events in the Midlands too which Rebecca is excited about, watch this space in the Spring!

We've been taken over in the studio with an abundance of samples arriving for our Essex project with all designs signed off and we're excited to be working with our great friends once again at Poltrona Frau, always a treat to specify their incredible leather and stitch detailing and of course be inspired by Rebecca's hero Gio Ponti!

We've had some wonderful weather to enjoy with incredible sunsets and amazing skies to wake up to for our early morning motorway commutes to various locations, always an inspiration seeing the first shoots of spring with daffodils and snowdrops emerging en masse. Rebecca has enjoyed a very personal stay too at the incredible Lion Lodge in Port Lymphe, a unique experience waking up within the Lion enclosure, being surrounded by 3 lion cubs being playful and full of fangs makes your heart burst! A very memorable stay, just a few photos to set the scene for this incredible conservation park ran by the Aspinal Foundation.

Rebecca is off on her travels soon to gain some inspiration, so we look forward to sharing a few of those images with you when she returns, as for the team...whilst the mouse is away!!!

Spring is coming...

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


November has been 5th gear throughout. It's like this every year with the lead up to Christmas and the team doing our utmost to bring projects in on time and have deliveries arrive prior to Christmas closure. Rebecca has spent a vast part of the month bonding with the M25 and M1, thankfully she's unphased and uses the time well to catch up with clients and suppliers and call into the studio with "can you just..."

We're very excited to be called back by two former clients, one of which we have worked with 5 times now over the past 10 years, we designed a complex roof terrace for them initially in St John's Wood which is still standing the test of time. We've also been asked back to our Melton Mowbray clients to fully interior design the cottage on their grounds which we're very excited to create an English cottage feel with a slight twist so we much look forward to sharing progress with you over the next 6 months, it's a listed cottage within a conservation area so many hurdles but part of the fun and what we do. We've secured a new client in an area we've not worked in before, a beautiful family home in Essex, so hello Essex, we look forward to getting to know you and local suppliers there. Just when we thought we had closed down on our Claygate project, more phases have been added, so we're doing something right! And another client has asked for us to design a gentleman's lair for him and office space, our creative juices are in full flow, he's so much fun to work for, so all in all, a very busy month securing new work to roll us into 2020. As a team to have repeat business and clients call us back is no better testament to us doing our job well and the ultimate accolade. We've also finished Phase 1 of our Goodwood project with Phase 2 commencing the first week of January.

We've been thrilled with our recent joinery installations which have been received well by 3 sets of clients, our relationship with our joinery team gets better and better and they always step up when we throw new ideas at them, so a thank you to them. We've also worked with some new suppliers this month, all British handcrafted and sustainably sourced materials and the work was faultless so we're much looking forward to putting more work their way in 2020.

It's been an utter joy to watch the Autumn leaves come into full confetti mode and see the stunning colours as we drive throughout the UK and our beautiful countryside, our little island is rather special, as was remembering our fallen on Remembrance Sunday, as a company this is something we are passionate about not just for one day a year but throughout each and every day, lest we forget. And now as the dark nights are fully upon us as are the morning frosts we are fully embracing the sprinkling of fairy lights on our drives. Christmas is such a lovely time and Rebecca's favourite time of the year, a time to reflect, enjoy, share and be grateful, to sit back, log fires, the best of company, to think about family, friends, loved ones, those you can't be with and those you hold dear in your heart, Christmas is special!

We're sending our Christmas wishes now as it will be too late for our December post. So on behalf of our team, thank you for your continued love and support this year, to our incredible clients, we couldn't do what we do without you. To our invaluable suppliers and contractors, thank you. We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Spend time with those that make you smile and those that fill your heart with magic and meaning.

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


We're absolutely delighted to announce that we won a SBID (Society of British Interior Designers) International Design Award on Friday for our Esher Project 'Best Residential House Under £1m', to be up against such huge design power houses from countries such as the USA, Russia, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, France, New Zealand and the Ukraine we couldn't be more thrilled. Over 47 countries entered and 53,000 votes cast so a testament to hard work paying off. Naturally the team fully threw themselves into the celebrations!

October has been busy for us with a big push on several projects coming to a close, a few more weeks to go and we hope to have our Claygate, Goodwood (Phase 1), Golders Green (Phase 3) and our Marylebone projects signed off. We're looking forward to seeing our Claygate joinery completed with beautiful brass and steel grill detailing which is coming from the USA. As a studio we often find the type of work we do comes in blocks and we've had a tremendous amount of joinery to design which we love so it's always exciting to see our designs come to life. Our next big phase is the technical elements of new projects, such as writing the specification of works and obtaining various permissions, so many different layers to what we do.

We've very much been enjoying this stunning autumnal weather and inspirational visits to National Trust houses such as Calke Abbey and Chatsworth House, always a joy to learn and be inspired by what has gone before.

We've had a great response to our new website so thank you if you have taken time to get in touch, you seem to like the paired down approach and focus on images, so we will keep delivering great designs for you. We have 4 projects being priced for ranging from West and East Sussex to Wimbledon.

We know November will fly by for us with getting projects completed in time for Christmas, so before I know it I'll be sat writing this for November. Enjoy the crisp beautiful Autumnal days and spend time with people that make you smile and have a sparkle in their eye and as it's Halloween, a fang or two!

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


September has been an exciting month, not least celebrating our 12th birthday, as a small business we celebrate every milestone. When I started the business back in 2007 I had big dreams but didn’t think we would be consistently shortlisted for International Design Awards so I am very proud of how far I and latterly my team have come.

I also had the humbling news that I had been shortlisted for Designer of the Decade, against some incredible industry names and a privilege to be considered amongst such superb talent.

We experienced a wonderful evening of awards at the beautiful Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane. Sadly we weren’t winners on the night but it was wonderful to share the evening amongst such international talent and of course to be shortlisted.

Projects are moving forward nicely. We’ve been spending a large amount of sourcing time ensconced in antiques throughout East and West Sussex which has been fun! Always a beautiful journey sourcing for old pieces for our Listed Georgian Farmhouse.

We’ve had quite a bit of travel between the south and midlands so we’ve enjoyed the scenic views. There’s definitely a change in weather and that slight chill on site visits has been felt and the wellies have made their first appearance! Autumn is upon us.

I’ve been asked to guest speak at Nottingham Business school on Interior Design so that should be fun!

So for now, we leave you with our new website and project images. We hope you like the more simplified format!

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


August you’ve been a whirlwind of travel, exciting news, adventures, a photo shoot and an overwhelming amount of administration.

Firstly, we are beyond excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for a 4th time for a prestigious SBID International Design Award for our Esher project shot last month.

We’ve also been busy carrying out another photo shoot in Rebecca’s native county and enjoyed some beautiful English scenes on site visits within West Sussex, with stunning English gardens and stunning flint work.

We’ve enjoyed some fabulous company on a recent trip and culinary delights.

We’ve also enjoyed the fun of Brighton Pride and summer cricket with excitement with Sussex County Cricket Team flying in the T20’s. A true summer enjoyed by all.

So what’s ahead we hear you ask, well one giant adventure for Rebecca. A new website launch, an award ceremony with the glamour of the Design et al Awards mid September. Design Week awaits also to excite the team and give an autumnal creative boost.

Our Stanmore project has now closed with a delighted first time client. Phase 1 of our Claygate project is now coming to a close with Phase 2 commencing. We are pricing lots of new work which is always fun, we don’t win them all but it’s always nice to be in the game.

For now we celebrate and cherish all things that make your heart skip and melt in equal measures.

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


July has flown by, a month of travel, projects starting and completing and clients contacting us already regarding Christmas completion dates, discussing dressing Christmas Trees and when the weather has been 30 plus degrees in the South these conversations have been somewhat surreal!

We've been contacted by two former clients to work with them again, one in St John's Wood, in fact this will be the 3rd phase of work for this fabulous client couple. Our Esher clients who we've been helping design their stunning Victorian Family Home have just added several more rooms to the project which we are delighted about, we're having a lot of fun working with them. We have secured work on a new development on the South Coast, a former nursing home being converted to luxury apartments so we will be designing their show apartment. We've also had a fabulous development confirmed for our former developer on the West Coast and we're very excited to be designing these high end luxury penthouses in Carlyon Bay, Cornwall, the last time we were there we got snowed in, so fingers crossed the weather is a little kinder when we come to dress them albeit this will be in 2020 once construction is complete.

We are making great progress on our Listed Manor House on the prestigious Goodwood Estate, West Sussex with a very successful weekend presentation of design schemes which we were delighted to have approved.

Rebecca has been engrossed in a lot of joinery design and we know she takes that very seriously, so much so she doesn't allow the design team to get involved, though we do keep trying. Lots of details for one project with beautiful grille work detailing in gorgeous metals, watch this space! Also, Rebecca has prepped for our Sandbanks project photoshoot taking place in 2 weeks so a lot of attention placed on that from the team HQ.

We've had a glorious month of sport what with Wimbledon and Cricket, an incredible win for England, it's fair to say for those that love cricket it was one final to remember, immensely exciting and VERY tense, we're very proud of our boys.

So what's August looking this stage, we only have 4 days free for the entire month, that sets the scene for our design studio. August the voting lines open for the Design et al Awards 2019 that we have been shortlisted in two categories for, so we hope to have your support when the lines open, we will be sharing the voting link on our social media accounts, thank you in advance. So from us to you, do enjoy the rest of the summer, Rebecca and her team continue to smile and have a spring in their step, enjoy the glorious sunshine and let's hope it lasts a little longer!

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS


What a great month we've had! June can stay a little longer...within days of completing our Esher photo shoot we were shortlisted for 2 International Design & Architecture Awards 2019 for Interior Design Scheme UK and Luxury London Residence, as a small team to be shortlisted amongst 35+ countries entering is a wonderful accolade and the team are very excited to be attending the awards ceremony at Grosvenor House in September.

Our photo shoot went incredibly well and it's always lovely seeing one of our long standing external team members Nick Smith, Nick has been with us since day one and we've grown together so always lots to catch up on. We've been working hard sourcing quite specific items for our Goodwood Estate Farmhouse project, a real eclectic mix of antiques and not the every day quirky finds, so we're definitely going to enjoy finding those one off pieces for our clients.

The team also enjoyed two days back to back sourcing in our favourite London hot spots from Pimlico to the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, always a place of nostalgia for our founder Rebecca having studied at the prestigious KLC School of Design also based in the harbour, always fun getting chance to interact with the new students from the school and say hi to our fantastic suppliers there.

We've also been pricing for new work from Soho to Crouch End, it's so enjoyable getting to experience and view such an array of different architecture within the houses we visit which makes us all the more proud to have no in house style so we can adapt to the different needs of our clients so we make their homes completely tailored to them.

Rebecca has also been engrossed in some technical issues for phase 2 of our Hastings Farmhouse project, a few small headaches and delays but we knew this would be the case for this challenging phase, it will be worth the effort though.

We're making good progress on the company rebranding too and all on schedule for the Autumn so we can't wait to share with you. So for now, enjoy the sunshine and we hope you're smiling as much as we are!

Rebecca and Team LEIVARS